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Some Exciting Updates!

by BlueDragon

First and foremost, again, I can't thank you guys enough for subscribing :) It really helps to boost the self esteem, plus,  it raises expectancy for me. That is to makes me have a motivation to get my butt in gear!!!

And on this subject, I've been working on this comic since 2008. And I've only gotten up to Act 2 up online. This is insane. Soooooo.....I've finally started working a little more hard core on this.

Over the week, I got the all of Act 3 inked!!!! And  mostly scanned in! I am nearly finished screentoning Act 2, so I'll be starting on Act 3 fairly soon. Because I'm finally beginning to get ahead of the game, and because of the progress in drawing readers, I'm going to start updating twice a week. 

So, from now on, please expect updates on both Sunday at 12:00am and Wednesday at 12:00am (I'm sure you'll all be up at midnight...well, maybe if you do overnights or are maybe.)

The site layout is nearly complete! I'm trying to fix the banner. I will hopefully have that done this weekend. I want the banner to be bigger, and will take the title "Dark Horse" out if I can get that to work.

I'm turning my attention to the Extras page, and combining it maybe with Web Shorts (I've got a couple more I can post soon...just waiting to get to an appropriate time in the story :D ) Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions you have. If something is realy distracting or just looks terrible, please let me know! I'll see if there's something I can do to fix it. 

Lastly, I finally put a link up to my actual blog. Feel free to stop by if you like my style. I've got a lot of different art projects I have (am) working on there. I also have some manga reviews (I'd like to pick that up again...but haven't had a lot of time) and some other random stuff. 

Thanks again everyone! Have a nice weekend!!!

~*Blue Dragon*~

Please Bear with the Site Layout!

by BlueDragon

I am working on changing my site layout, but it's going to take me time to find something tasteful. Please forgive me if it looks a little messy, or tacky! I'm want to stay up later and work on it, but alas! We are all slaves to the wage.

As a token of my gratitude for everyone's patience, please take this updated Work in Progress :D

Look! More colors!!!! It's almost complete :D

Thanks so much for your patience with me!!!!


~Blue Dragon~



Extra Page This Morning!

by BlueDragon

Well, I was super productive this week somehow, and I got a couple extra pages done. So, I thought I'd go ahead and post TWO pages this week! Mwha ha ha ha! How awesome is that? 

I have a lot more work to do...I need to start inking pages :O But it takes a bit of time to get everything pulled together...and I have to make space for my light box when I ink (but...I am working on a commission, so I SHOULD be getting it set up anyway, right? 

I also whipped up a quick drawing for the forum, so you can check that out on the "Extras" page :D

I don't like posting blogs without putting some kind of art in let me see what I can find to share....


Ah, here's something I haven't posted here :D Some of these characters haven't been introduced yet. Enjoy!

~Blue Dragon~

Finally Up and Running!

by BlueDragon

Wow! Well, it took most of the weekend, but I finally got all the old pages to Dark Horse up on this site. I will continue to have a new page every week. If things ever let up at my job, I will try to update more days...but right now it's a bit to hectic, with me working a lot of overtime. I got quite a few pages done this weekend, so I'm ahead of schedule right now (which doesn't happen happen enough!)

Dark Horse will be updated every Sunday at 12:00am. I hope you enjoy the story and characters, and I will continue to try to improve my storytelling and artwork. Please feel free to ask questions or comment, and please subscribe!

Thanks for visiting!


~Blue Dragon

Here's a little bonus image for visiting: it's a work in progress :)



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